Hello Audience: I’m An Ex-Corporate Newbie!

I started working with the team at Influencer Africa as an Influencer Strategist somewhere
June 2022. Yes, I just arrived from a very corporate field. Like suit and tie, 9-5 (really 8 –
whatever time my boss leaves).

To be honest, I didn’t know what my role meant even after a month in. I complained to my
friend about how overwhelmed I was. I was used to a process. A set of rules. Already
established ways of doing things and I didn’t have to think outside the box. I just had to
follow the process.

Not here though! Over here at Influencer Africa, we throw the entire box away and just
think. That was hard in the beginning. My favourite feedback at meetings was ‘I’m
confused’. I wasn’t being given instructions, I had to make stuff up by myself! Even my
colleagues predicted me saying I was confused before I said it at meetings.

I’m still learning every single day, but so far it has been an intense brain exercise for 7
months. Where are the African parents? Tell them I said being a creative is exhausting! It
is proper work too. They need to know. We’ll talk about creative exhaustion another time..
I’ve had the chance to work with insanely talented people, contributed and worked on
amazing projects. I was a project manager for a whole show! Camp Chow! Mind-blowing
really! Honestly, I am looking forward to creating and working on more projects.

Oh! How could I forget? I GET TO WORK FROM HOME! 9-5 babes can’t relate and I can
sense the hate from here! It’s not as amazing as they make it seem in the movies though.
You will sit in online meetings and get calls the entire day. However, nothing beats that
bed feeling on a rainy day that you stay home.

Notwithstanding, I have certainly not loved every minute of it. That would be outrageous!

Work is work, I’d rather be on an Island sipping apple juice and chewing spicy chicken
wings. Of course, with a monthly $100K in my account.

I can’t count the number of meetings I have had to attend in since I joined the team! So
many meetings, I can’t keep up sometimes. Can’t we just text in group chat please?
If I had to do it all over again though, I would!

Written By: Tawiah Mensah, Influencer Strategist – Influencer Africa


  1. October 2020