Chasing Your Dreams As An Influencer/Content Creator

Fabiana Osei

Influencing wasn’t anyone’s fantasy, I’ll bet. We all shared the same goals, which included becoming doctors, engineers, bankers, and the list goes on. However, how did we get here?

I “unintentionally” began to have an impact. I became aware that I had an impact on other people after posting a few looks and receiving requests for access to the specific outfit and even merchandise.

I still didn’t think of myself as a leader. I merely enjoyed what I was doing. Putting together outfits and wouldn’t mind sharing the specifics with my followers.

Influencing may not have been or even now be my dream, but it is a route I wish to follow
constantly. If having influence is your goal or your passion, go for it!

Written By: Fabiana Osei, National Service Person – Influencer Africa

Photo Credit: Fabiana Osei


  1. October 2020