We asked Influencers what their biggest challenges were, and we fixed them!!!

We asked Influencers what their biggest challenges were, and we fixed them!!!

Having signed on close to 400 African Influencers in the past six months, we decided to do a deep dive to discover the difficulties our influencers have when working with brands. We have taken time to look for solutions to the most pressing influencer challenges as we work to grow the industry making it profitable for brands and influencers

The first, and the most fundamental problem is Influencer – Brand matching. Who are the influencers that influence purchase decisions in the various categories? How does a brand find them? How much does an influencer charge? This void has caused several bad situations as the confusion is palpable. Enter Influencer Africa’s INFLUENCER REGISTER, which allows an influencer concentrate on creating while we do all ‘the other stuff’ Our REGISTER profiles all our signed influencers according to their stats; engagement rates and who they influence etc.

The second most mentioned challenge is creating the right branded content without messing with the ‘branding’ of the page. Influencers have curated very aesthetic profiles and they guard these very jealously. The result of this, is usually a lot of short-lived posts on the influencers page and ultimately a disconnect. This is mostly due to a mismatch of brand versus influencer. When a brand chooses the right influencer, this problem will typically not exist. Our content creation team is specially trained and immersed in the influencers brand and in brand activations therefore this problem is eliminated

Some influencers spoke about the ‘torture’ of how to measure the results of an influencer-based campaign—including presenting the brand with a relevant report. They love to create the content, and enjoy the attention that comes with it, but most of them would rather not have to deal with the reports and numbers that come with it. In working with Influencer Africa, you will have access to data-driven reports after each campaign backed with insight to help your brand’s decision making
And here’s where Influencer Africa comes in. Influencer Africa has garnered experience working to connect brands and influencers all over the African continent through one carefully curated network.

Think of Influencer Africa as a bridge between the influencer and the brand; we guide signed influencers to incorporate brand guidelines into their content in a way that still manages to keep their followers’ attention.

Additionally, we are able to generate reports with a metric system that allows brands to find out exactly how well the campaigns that they paid for are going.

Influencer Africa exists to solve the challenges between influencers and brands—logistically and creatively.

One of Influencer Africa’s most impactful work includes Stonebwoy and Deborah Vannessa’s partnership with Voltic in a recycling awareness campaign, a prime case of connecting the right influencer to a brand trying to deliver a key message to the masses. Stonebwoy’s connection with the masses who look up to him, especially from Ashaiman where he originally grew up, made this campaign which sought to educate these communities about the need to recycle even more in tune with each party’s interests. Sister Deborah, has built a reputation around recycling and sustainability. Their join efforts on the campaign led Voltic into an amazing new phase!

We will continue to research into growing the industry, supporting brand and influencers find common ground in achieving set KPIS; A WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE


  1. October 2020