How Influencers have driven brands to pursue direct customer relationships in Ghana.

Branding. The definition of a brand has changed somewhat in recent times. Previously, to establish a solid brand, it had to be built using a top-down approach—creating generic content and distributing to see what worked.

However, accessibility has changed everything. With platforms like Instagram having over 1 billion monthly users, it is a marketing avenue that simply cannot be overlooked. And while several organizations are able to use social media as an effective marketing tool, it is an undeniable fact that personal brands prevail on these platforms.

Imagine a brand seeking to organically reach a wider customer base with specific content; it would first need to understand the numbers. For the Ghanaian market, as at January 2020, advertising reach on Facebook is averaging over 5 million in number of Ghanaians, whereas Instagram and LinkedIn average 1.4 million and Twitter closes in at nearly 600,000 Ghanaians.
With these numbers, the optimism is high for more reach through a well-developed campaign, with its core mandate to advertise the brand’s product and service using regular targeted marketing efforts.

However, the advantage that influencers have with organizations is the ease with which influencers can generate engagement. An influencer’s posts can seamlessly domino into pools of user-generated content because influencer brands are built from the bottom-up with every follower feeling like they’re along for the journey.

To this end, brands now strive to discover more ways to use a ‘human’ element to drive their marketing; through people. There’s a natural trust between influencer and follower that makes even marketing feel organic.

Ghanaian brands have been very proactive in embracing this in the most creative way and we love to see it.
From celebrities, to macro and micro influencers, Influencer Marketing is seeing significant and tangible results.

This is where Influencer Africa finds itself in the prime spot to drive lasting partnerships between brands and the people who understand how to speak for them.

We have had immense success with influencers such as, Sarkodie and Joselyn Dumas—two influencers currently signed to Influencer Africa—spearheaded the marketing campaign for the SC mobile app. Through their work, the platform has over 100,000 active youth subscribers and counting

Our partnership with the annual Tidal Rave event, has seen us creatively use hundreds of influencers to drove 1000s of people to Kokrobite every year for the event. For countless brands, from Vodafone to Frytol, Orijin and countless other brands

For years, our strategy has been to build a solid meeting point between brands and influencers and we are excited to witness the industry grow
Whatever scenario you pick, when used right, influencer marketing, when partnered with Influencer Africa can get brands the results that they want.
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  1. October 2020