10 Ghanaian Influencers Your Brand Is Missing Out On Today

Influencers are a very important link when it comes to brands getting their products and services to consumers. When looking out for influencers, every brand needs to look out for the impact the influencer can have and the engagement and reach the product/service will get to.
In Ghana within the hundreds of influencers available and willing to work with your brand, these 10 influencers are easily, some of the best you can have. Their reach and engagement is incredible and their fan base cuts across both online and offline

Gyaigyimii / Kalyjay
Presently, Kalyjay is one of the biggest accounts on Twitter. He has been able to skillfully use his Twitter account with over 270K loyal followers to start trending topics, lead a whole faction and help many brands; both big and small obtain a wider reach. He is one of the most sought after influencers and has been endorsed by big names such as Sarkodie and more.

Zubzz has over the years, garnered a huge following mainly because she has carved out a special niche: food and lifestyle. Her content, which first started as providing followers with information on restaurants and food spots in Ghana, has expanded to include vacation spots and engaging posts on dating life among Ghanaians. Her suggestions and advice have become sought after and appreciated among her followers both on IG and on Twitter.

Welbie has a unique way of engaging with his followers. He communicates through art and his witty comic strips and videos have made him quite popular on Twitter. His art has become something everyone has come to love and look forward to mostly because he can turn the most mundane things into entertaining and interesting posts that instantly go viral.

Kwadwo Sheldon

Kwadwo Sheldon has established himself as a master content creator across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. He has mastered the use of comic skits as a way of pushing his ideas and has managed to get over 600K followers in total on IG and Twitter. His YouTube channel rakes in numbers and he specializes in using humor in trending topics and music breakdowns. His influence goes a long way both offline and online.

Erica Emefa

With over 160K followers on her personal Instagram page, Erica Emefa is a popular account on Instagram and a trusted source for beauty and style content ranging from aesthetic photos to videos for all sorts of brands.

Chrystal Aryee

The TV show host and MC’s huge following is definitely due to her bubbly personality. Her energy and fun attitude has made her a favourite amongst Ghanaians, both online and offline and seeing her do anything at all brings joy to anyone watching.

Kwame Gyan

With over 24,000 followers on Facebook and 20K followers on Twitter, Kwame Gyan is a well-known public figure whose opinions on a myriad of topics make him well rounded and a respected voice among his followers.

Debbs Djuku

Debbs is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty influencer. Her over 45K followers on Instagram closely follow her DIY fashion and style tips intently and her video tutorials on how to style basic clothing as well as her lifestyle and beauty posts have made her quite the popular influencer on Instagram.

Pope Barnabas

Pope Barnabas is a beloved account among Ghanaians on Facebook. He’s an avid supporter of Ghanaian brands in general with a special interest Tech innovations. His brilliance when it comes to storytelling makes him the go to influencer for most brands mainly because he positions brands in his stories in a way that comes off as natural and relatable.

Yaw Ofosu-Larbi

Yaw Ofosu-Larbi is a known broadcast journalist and writer popular among sports fanatics especially, both online and on the ground. If there is one thing the journalist is known and appreciated for, it is his high level of engagement with followers especially on Twitter, which is why it’s no wonder he currently has over 14K followers on twitter. His ability to jump on trends and entertain his followers as well as his documentaries make him the ideal person for brands to associate with.


  1. October 2020