6 Micro Fashion Influencers I Can’t Wait to Work With In 2023

Monique Selasei

Fashion has always been a thing even before the social media era. We used to flip through magazine pages to see the best outfits there is. Currently, you don’t need to buy a fashion magazine to see your favorite looks, all you have to do is go on Instagram and enjoy!

There are a number of big influencers who serve the best looks back-to-back on their pages. Our focus today will be micro influencers who are killing it in their space as well.


Photo Credit: Hamdiyah Hamid

Who said you can’t serve looks with a hijab? Hamdiya gives the best fashion looks from her Islamic background be it casual or formal


Photo Credit: Cwabeniade

Before you read anything about her on here just take a look at her page and you’ll know why she’s on this list. She’s FASHION!


Photo Credit: Monique Selasei

Monique does it like no other. She’s the queen of causal looks. If you ever needed an inspiration for a party look, visit her page


Photo Credit: Ama Serwah

Ama gives cool fashion inspiration for dates and hangouts. If you were confused on what to wear for that hangout with the girls, she’s got you!


Photo Credit: Fabiana Osei

Looking to feel like that baby girl that you are, Fabiana’s page is the place to be. She serves looks for all occasions; both formal and informal.

Be assured these influencers will be featuring in some of our upcoming campaigns soon. Is there anyone micro influencer we left out? Just share with us!


  1. October 2020