9 Instagram Accounts With Aesthetically Pleasing Feeds

Being an influencer entails a number of things and one of those things include having an awesome feed. Influencers work with brands a lot and sometimes, when someone stumbles on to your page, the beauty and coherence of your feed alone can help them make up their minds.
Keeping an aesthetically pleasing feed is not easy since a lot of planning goes into details such as the colour palette, the layout and themes.
These are currently, just a few of our favourite Instagram feeds to scroll through, just to feed off the beauty of their feeds.


With only a little over 2K followers, Food VO gives users a pretty view of the curator’s journey with food. If you love food porn, you’d find scrolling through this feed with different meals a drool worthy experience.Having an aesthetically pleasing page is like keeping yourself groomed just to make a great first impression.


  1. October 2020