The 5 Essentials To Tick Off Your Checklist When Collaborating With Influencers

If you’re integrating influencer marketing strategies into your marketing campaigns then your efforts are already on the right path.
However, there are still some essential things that you need to keep in mind if you want a collaboration with an influencer to be successful.
These pointers allow you to get the most out of your collaboration and helps you put together a successful campaign:

Know The Platform That’s Essential To The Content You Want To Put Out.
When you’re collaborating with an influencer, you want to direct where what content goes in order to maximize your reach and engagement. That means you should have insights into what platforms your target market is using in order to determine what app works best for the different types of content including viral content, conversations and thought leadership, as well as video content.

Find Influencers With Loyal Followers.
When choosing an influencer for your campaigns, their total follower count is not the only important metric. Another thing that’s equally important is how active that following is. You can simply check an influencer’s engagement for this.

People Love Consistency.
Influencer marketing is not a magic pill that you take one time and suddenly see your business grow. In order to actually reach the people who are going to be impacted by your campaign, you need to engage your influencers monthly, as well as make it clear that the influencers are also real customers who believe in your brand or

Be More Open To Partnerships With Influencers Instead Of Treating Them As Employees.
Allow influencers to share their ideas and have fun with the campaign. When an influencer does things with their usual touch, the content ends up being more organic. Move away from creating content for the influencer without their input. Just like most relationships, influencer marketing is a two way street.

Get Influencers To Participate/Engage In Your Giveaways And Contests.
When there are influencers actively taking part in your giveaway, it can bring a sense of fun to the contest which will encourage their followers and yours to get involved in the contest.

Sometimes, influencer marketing may seem like a challenge to navigate and it’s best to work with an agency, like Influencer Africa, where we make it our mission to work around the intricacies of influencer-brand partnerships.

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  1. October 2020